Ministry History

Ministry History

Pastor Rajan Nuepane 

Mountain Life Training Center 

Pastor Rajan and Family

For more information regarding Pastor Rajan's ministry:

Mountain Life Church (MLC) in Park City, Utah, and Pastor Rajan have been working to serve the people of Nepal since the first MLC Nepal mission trip in 2007.  In 2009 MLC started sponsoring Pastor Rajan on Nepal radio program -- Prem Ko Sandesh (Message of Love) has brought thousands of Nepali to Jesus over the years.  

Message of Hope - Radio Program 
In 2010 the concept for a Training Center/Church in Kathmandu was conceived, and in 2013 was completed. Today 40 Nepali are being  trained as pastors at the training center. Some of  the students came to know Jesus through Radio Nepal.  Also, a congregation of over 350 have attend services there every week. 

In the last ten years the church has grown from 80 to 350 members, church plants have increased from 5 churches to over 39 churches which includes 3 churches in Kathmandu. Number of pastors in training has increased from 15 to 40.

Greater Grace Church, Mountain Life Bible Collage Kathmandu, Nepal

Pastor Rajan’s other ministries include Hope Family Orphanage, presenting the Jesus film in rural villages, and distribution of the Bible and biblical teachings on SD cards. 
MLC introduced Community Health Education and Evangelism (CHE) to Pastor Rajan in 2014.  CHE is a Christ-centered program that equips communities to identify issues and mobilize resources to achieve positive, sustainable solutions and change.  In the process, the gospel of Jesus Christ is shared and many have come to Christ.  People and communities are transformed as people come to Christ and work together to address local needs. 
Pastor Rajan used CHE practices to build homes for victims of the 2015 earthquake. In 2016 more than 35 pastors who work with Pastor Rajan completed CHE TOT1 training (Training of the Trainer Level 1).  Standard of living, including health and hygiene, has improved in many villages as CHE has been introduced. 
Currently Pastor Rajan of GGK, and MLC, are working together preparing a mission trip to Nepal this November. The primary goal is to teach 20 Nepali women healthy birthing practices. The Nepali women who are trained will then train other women in rural Nepal. This is an ongoing, sustainable program that will save many lives in the years to come. Presently one out of every 150 Nepali women die in childbirth.

The MLC healthy birthing training team is comprised of one women who is in the medical profession. (Lisa Miller). Two men who are managing the trip and providing training to men. (Paul Asop, Robert Hosale) They are currently receiving training in CHE and how to deliver healthy birthing training. A special lesson for men is being developed that will complement the lessons the women will be receiving.

This is the first of many CHE projects where MLC, in partnership with Greater Grace Church Kathmandu (GGK) will help raise the standard of living of many Nepali and show Christ’s love.

You can support this mission, first by praying, second by supporting the mission financially. The cost for this mission is $9,000. All but $1,500 has been raised. Please pray about it. If you feel God is leading you to provide financial support you can send your tax-deductible donation ether on-line or by mailing a check:  

1– Online, go to Put in amount, select Nepal mission as designation (if you do not do this the Nepal Mission will not get your donation.)

or 2– Write a check to Mountain Life Church and note that it is for the Nepal mission. Place in in the offering on Sunday or send it by mail to: Mountain Life Church, 7375 Silver Creek Rd, Park City, UT 84098  


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